Crocodile eggs find market in Armenia

An Armenian news agency said that first, a crocodile sanctuary will be set up in a resort to be constructed in Dashtavan.

Then a big crocodile farm will be established, the founder of Armon Co. Ltd, geologist Khachatur Sargsyan told reporters late last week.

“We will import crocodile eggs. The cost of one egg is 400 USD. We will bring them from breeding farms; we are working with three to four different farms in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.

The goal is to create a tourism place in Dashtavan village.

“In addition to the crocodiles, there will also be chickens, geese, and ducks.

The park will consist of 31 infrastructures, and the crocodile farm is one of those infrastructures.

There will be infrastructures for children in the park and other installations,” he said.

Asked why they have chosen crocodiles, he said he thinks that they will be attractive for tourists.

“We mainly focus on tourists. Two of every 10 tourists (coming to Armenia) will visit here to relax.

There is no such place in the whole region”, the croc farm entrepreneur said.

The company has applied to Armenia’s Ministry of Economic Development and Investments in a request to import crocodiles, during the previous leadership.

“A land in Tavush province was offered to us, but we were not interested in it. Then we sent letters to Armavir and Ararat provinces.

The governor of Ararat province immediately responded to us and we met. They offered us several territories, and we selected the one in Dashtavan community, held a discussion with community representatives”, he said.

Sargsyan said they have no problems with the State Revenue Committee. “The only problem is linked with the code.

As this is the first such case on importing crocodiles to Armenia, the SRC doesn’t have the respective code for that.

But we have already clarified with the SRC with which code we can import crocodiles,” he explained.

The program will most likely be launched on March 1. It is expected to be completed within five years. The initiative representatives also plan to use crocodile leather in the future, but this will require even to ten years. A leather processing plant will be established in Gyumri.

Sargsyan noted that they plan to create 300 to 500 jobs as a result of the program being implemented.

Shopping centers owned by Armenian businessman Samvel Karapetyan are also billed into the program, he added.